Lip Service

Lip Service

When we think of the “ideal” lips, the words full, plump and juicy come to mind.  You may have even found yourself thinking of Angelina Jolie who is known for her iconic lips.  We tend to think the eyes say it all but our lips are used for countless expression without even uttering a word.  The majority of women whom I have had the pleasure of applying makeup to often comment how dry their lips or that they wish they had fuller lips.  This is true especially of my favorite clients who are over 40.  So why is it that though woman spend hundreds of dollars a year on skin care it’s likely you’ll find little to nothing in their kit to treat their lips?  This delicate skin gets ignored ALL the time!  90% of the woman in my chair have dry lips.  Moving into winter only makes matters worse.  I know, I sound dramatic right?  But listen, you can have beautiful skin, but if you have dry, cracked, chewed on lips they are surely going to take focus from that flawless skin.

So what I am going to suggest is to START TAKING CARE OF YOUR LIPS!  First of all you know how important it is to stay hydrated. One sure sign of extreme dehydration is dry lips.  That’s right I said EXTREME dehydration.  So, drink your water!  Also step up your skincare game.  Add a luxurious lip treatment into your makeup bag.  If you’re not into makeup this isn’t an excuse not to use a lip treatment.  In fact you may even need it more.  Most lipsticks and gloss products not only add color but also add nutrients to keep lips hydrated and supple.  Be mindful that you need to dispose of glosses that have been open for over 6 months, maybe even less.  Dipping the wand into the tube puts bacteria from your mouth into your gloss.  Don’t think the tubes you squeeze are any better, those actually suck product and germs back into the tube.  Over time your gloss is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria which can take chapped lips into over drive.

Here are my recommendations.  Slather those lips regularly through out the day or in the morning and evening before bed at the very least.  If you do wear lipstick I’d suggest applying your lip treatment to lips 15-30 minutes prior to adding lip color.  This gives your lips a chance to soak in the moisture and soften before adding lip color.  My favorite products are always those without harmful chemicals and a parabens.  BeautyCounter is a great line with a great philosophy.  I love the Calendula lip conditioner!  For those who want to pump up the volume, Glymed Plus Lip Science will do the trick or if you want extra shine while gently adding volume, Grande Clear Hydrating Lip Plumper (also comes in other sheer colors) is another favorite.  I won’t go on and on suggesting countless other products, I think you get the drift. The moral of the story is take care of that precious pout.  The eyes may have a lot to say but the lips really do all the talking. So let them make a statement, with or without using words.

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