Hairs the Deal

Hairs the Deal…

Artists work on a canvas.  Most artists become quite particular about their canvas and tools.  As a make-up artist the face is my canvas, and I don’t get to choose my canvas.  For me having a changing canvas is so much fun and challenging since every face is different and has it’s own unique characteristics.

My first job, when working on a face, is to prep the skin to make it the most smooth and soft canvas before I even think about putting make-up on it.  I work with primers and moisturizers to soften the skin and smooth out fine lines.  But one thing that stands in the way of a smooth buttery complexion, that we can easily take care of, is HAIR.

Yes hair grows all over our bodies.  For us girls it’s not so ideal on our faces with the exception of our prized lashes and brows.  I will get into brows another time, because that is a very important topic that needs to be discussed on it’s own.  For today we are talking about facial hair.  It happens to the best of us.

The reason I bring it up is because when creating a flawless canvas, hair can alter the smooth look and create shadows.  Hairs pick up powders and foundations and can look even more obvious.   Even without makeup, a fuzzy upper lip can create an unflattering shadow and make your over all complexion look rutty.  So before you pick up the makeup brush, pick up the mirror.  If your eye sight isn’t so great as a friend who you know will give you an honest answer.  Or take out the mirror when you are in your car (parked safely) and see what that oh so honest day light has to show you.  Next step is to make of plan of action to whack that ‘stache (and the hair on our chinny chin chins while we’re at it).

There are so many things you can do:

Wax, thread, sugar, laser or electrolysis (if your budget allows).  If all else fails you get out the razor. That’s right I said razor!  Just be careful with the razor because if you slip it’s kind of embarrassing to admit you cut yourself shaving.  I recommend an electric razor to be safe, but if using a blade try the Mach-3 blades. The better the blade, the less likely you are to cut yourself.  As a makeup artist I carry new razors on photo shoots just in case my model needs a quick shave.  Yes photo shop can take care of it, but that is a lot of extra time the photographer needs to spend on the image when it’s something that can be easily taken care in two strokes of the wrist.

For my brides:  Stay safe and wax, thread or use the electric razor.  You don’t need to worry about cut on your face for the big day.  By the way tell your bridesmaids to clean up too.

I would like to add there are some great at home lasers.  Only down side is if you have darker skin or you have gray hairs you are trying to remove you may not be a candidate for the laser.  If you are a candidate for the laser you can go to Bed Bath & Beyond and pick one up (don’t forget your coupon).  Go online do some research to find the best laser in your budget.

So I leave you with this artist tip:  If you want to look flawless, it starts with a smooth hairless face.  Think cheek bones down for this tip.  If you love your fuzz, then more power to you.

Check out the link below for some fun celebrity ‘staches.  Then you can decide to hair or hair not.  Until next time…

Wax For What? A Gallery Of Furry Female Celebs With Mustaches

Visit the post for more.…


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