h2o beautys secret weapon

H2O, Beauty’s #1 Secret Weapon

h2o beautys secret weapon

We all know we can’t live without water. In the summer we loose water through sweat and get thirsty as a result.  This time of year it isn’t as apparent since we are trying to get warm. Our showers get hotter, our clothes heavier and as the thermostat gets turned up the air gets dryer.

As a makeup artist I can tell you how my canvas (my client’s skin) changes as the weather gets colder. The most obvious is the lips turn into a pruned, flaky mess. Next the skin on the cheeks have lost their spongy spring and feels more like sand paper. I can put all the moisturizer I want on it but it will sit on the surface like water on feather, never penetrating. I see a lot of dry eyelids too, sometimes from incorrect moisturizing (never use your face moisturizer on your eyelids) but mostly from internal dehydration. Your dry itchy skin is shouting at you as a last resort to warn you that you NEED to hydrate your body.

So what do most people do in this situation? They go out and buy any lotion, potion and salve they can get their hands on to solve the problem and then wonder why their expensive miracle in a jar isn’t working. I’ll tell you why it isn’t working, YOU NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!

If the outside of your body is shriveling like a raisin, imagine what is happening to the inside of your body when it’s low on water. Not to be gross but I’m sure your trips to the bathroom would be more pleasant and your armpits won’t smell as much like an onion patch if you are properly hydrated. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m not a doctor but I do know there is one common dominator when multiple symptoms of diminishing beauty arise such as: dry lips, flaky skin (not just your face but your entire body), tired looking eyes, pronounces wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, and mouth, and blemishes that take a long time to heal. I won’t get into all the internal issues of dehydration, but just know if you drink more water you will feel AND look much better.  Remember your skin is your largest organ, it needs water to function properly. When we get cracked skin we are welcoming all sorts of unfriendly bacteria into our bodies.

So… the first step in your beauty regime is to get out a tall glass of water and refill it all day long. If you are one of those who needs their coffee or tea all day, keep in mind you need to drink EVEN MORE water as caffeine will dehydrate you faster. I know it sucks but it’s true. What I like to do is get out a pretty wine glass and fill it up with filtered tap water and add a little something to make it taste and look more enticing. Like ‘what’ you say? I steal ideas from my favorite spas who use things like: mint, cucumber, lemon, lime, or my favorite basil. I know basil sounds kinda weird, but if you like basil try it, SO GOOD! If you prefer hot beverage than heat it up and then add one of these treats. Wanna be festive add a cinnamon stick to a cup of hot water, be creative to your senses. The choices are endless. Then once you have ‘step one’ taken care of you can lean on your special moisturizers for that added beauty push. Trust me I’m would never tell you to pitch your moisturizers, they too are important.

One final tip is if you are still experiencing itchy dry skin turn down the temperature of your shower. I have found the clients who complain about dry itchy skin tend to LOVE a scorching hot shower. The heat feels good but will only add to the problem. I know I’m such a buzz kill. Sorry, I’m here to be blunt. Now go fill up that glass!

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