Do or Die

Spring is here finally! Which means the sun is getting closer and more intense. As wonderful as it feels to soak up the sun we can’t forget how dangerous it can be. I don’t like to brag, but I’m going to. When people first meet me they think I am younger than I am, and I will say it is a direct result of my diligence with sun screen. I am 38 years old and have been religious about applying sun screen.

I will be honest my constant use of sunscreen wasn’t for fear of skin cancer, but out of the good old vanity. Even as a teenager I feared the aging process.  As a make-up artist having touched hundreds of maturing faces I can tell you most women over the age of 55 wish they had taken better care of their skin. Though I will say some generations didn’t know the risk. They dosed themselves with baby oil and iodine. YIKES! They have the leathery skin to prove it. But it just seems to me that there is no excuse anymore for not taking care of your skin. It KILLS me to see my brides bake themselves before their weddings and teenage girls crisping that gorgeous baby skin. I’m gonna tell you ladies the largest organ of your body has a limit. You may think “I’m young by the time I get old I can just get Botox”.  I’m here to tell you no amount of Botox can bring back that beautiful spongy silky skin.

Even with as much sunscreen as I have slathered on in the past, age catches up one way or another. In these last years of my thirties I’m fighting a few dark spots on the sides of my face. Sun damage will find you, maybe not today, but ten/fifteen years down the road it will be there to greet you in the morning.  If you have skin cancer in your family you may have bigger problems than just some pesky wrinkles or brown spots.  How’d you like a giant chunk of skin taken out of your face or anywhere on your body for that matter?  Or worse.  People have met their fate from skin cancer.  You can prevent it in most cases so why don’t you?

Now I’m a bit of a snob about skincare and would highly suggest you find a skincare that is free or parabens, fragrance and other toxic garbage.  Remember your skin is an organ and it absorbs everything directly without the luxury of your liver detoxing the nasty stuff.  Read your labels and choose wisely.

SO, before you run out the door to enjoy that glorious sunny day put on your sunscreen!!!!  Yes I am yelling at you.  If death doesn’t scare the crap out of you then the thought of yourself looking like a tired worn out leather handbag should.

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